Get Paid

through GoFreight

Coming Soon

  • Receive payments in your FMS with GoFreight Pay.

  • The fully integrated payment tool that syncs operations, payments, and accounting automatically in your GoFreight FMS.


You Will Love

For You

  • Organize and manage payments directly in your operation software

  • Monitor all payment statuses

  • Receive payments faster

  • Conduct reconciliations fasterCOMING SOON

  • Collect multiple invoice payments easilyCOMING SOON

Immediate Access to Payments

= Better Cashflow
= Faster Release of Cargo
= Satisfied Customers

For Your Customers

  • Pay quickly & securely

  • Choose from various payment methods
    ACH, Credit card, Debit card

  • View invoice history and payment statuses in a customized dashboard
  • Avoid repetitive input of credit card information and save time

Pay just a Few Clicks Away

= Easier Transaction Monitor
= Earlier Receive of Cargo
= Better Businesses

GoFreight Pay – Receive Payments Easier and Faster.
All in the FMS you and your business partners use every day.

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